About ISPC

The International Symposium of Paper Converting in the MENA region is the first initiative of its kind in the region. The event focuses on up-to-date technologies in paper Converting equipment, machines, materials and services that can help Converters to produce the best quality at lowest cost.

The International Symposium on Paper Converting aims to make this symposium to provide the chance for participants and clients to strengthen their relationships through external activities and create the right atmosphere for business mingling to elevate the industry in the MENA region.

ISPC 2019 will play an active role in enhancing the cooperation and mutual benefit between Hygienic Converters and Corrugators with key international suppliers. The event will focus on up-to-date technologies in paper converting and corrugating equipment, machines, materials, and services that can help converters and corrugators to produce the best quality at lowest cost.

ISPC was first organised in Port Ghalib, on the 12th – 14th November 2009.

The 2nd one was orginised in Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus from the 29th – 30th March 2012.

The 3rd symposium was in Sheraton Cesme Hotel, Resort & Spa in Izmir, Turkey from the 4th to 7th May 2016.

Those symposiums were a huge success where participants met directly with the top management and technical experts in the MENA region, received many inquiries and expanded their presence in the MENA region through presentations and direct meetings in workshops of the symposium.


Aims of the Symposium

  1. To create an opportunity for all suppliers of Paper Converting products (participants) to strengthen their presence and boost their business opportunities in the region by promoting their products and services directly to regional clients (attendees) through direct presentations and individual workshops.
  2. To provide attendees with presentations from International participants showing their latest products and the latest technologies used in the industry.
  3. Providing all participants and attendees with external activities and social events to enhance business mingling and cultural blending.
  4. Preventing the Paper Industry from being static in the current financial situation and reactivating it in the MENA region and the world as an important factor in the global economy.
  5. Providing suppliers and clients with experiences and success stories from leaders in the industry as well as presentations by experts on the importance of corporate social responsibility.


Day 1
The first day of the symposium will feature presentations from the participants to directly market their products and services to interested attendees from around the MENA region.

Day 2 & Day 3
The following days will be dedicated for interactive workshops to facilitate direct meetings between international suppliers and regional clients.

Special Activities
On the first and the second day, there will be social activities for both visitors and the exhibitors such as beach volleyball and tour to a very special town which called Alacatı.